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Port Troubles
Hey Guys....

first off, Im a total noob to Linux but I wanted to try it out and get a server going. I am running Kubuntu.

I did manage to follow all the directions and get the server going.

However I cannot seem to have friends join my server.

I did put the server on the DMZ and I was able to add it to my favorites ! Now it does show up in my favorites and I can connect.

If I look at my server info however, it shows the port being :60746! When I have -port 27015 in my startup line.

So, I guess my questions are... why is the port changing and why when my friends try to join it says Server Not Responding when the server is on the DMZ?

Thanks for any help!
I also have this same issue using Fedora, when I look at the game via lan in steam it shows up with port 27015.
When I look for my servers on the master list, I get my ip then :62582 Would this be the firewall blocking it?
The server still works, but I don't really like some funky port for it. Smile
Any help would be great. Thanks.
Well, I seem to have all the ports open on my router/firewall. And I am still getting funny ports anyhelp?

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