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Missing srcds.exe
I have followed the instruction in the tutorial for windows installation. After step 2, I am stuck. Because there is no scrds.exe in the scrds folder to be found.

Any suggestion?
Did you run hldsupdatetool on it's own first to make sure it updates to the current version?
just run the update again

hldsupdatetool -command update -game "counterstirke-source" user pass

after I ran it the last time on a new install the download wasn't complete. just needed to run it again
I know I am posting a little late on this post, but have figured out the answer to this post, since I was having the same issue. I have also noticed that most HOW-TOs (All the ones I have read so far) to setup a CSS DS do not mention this. Even the HOW-TO here does not cover this. It is possble that good old Valve has changed what is download with what tool since these HOW-TOs where made.

The hldsupdatetool does not download the srcds.exe file and a few other core files. I finally figured out that you must copy over or upload them from your instalation of HL2 / CSS that you play from.

You can find these file in C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\<Username>\source dedicated server (Change <Username> to what ever username you registered with.)
If you do not have a folder named "source dedicated server", launch the "Play Games" window for HL2. Under the Tools section, launch the "Source Dedicated Server" option. This will download the nessarry files.

What you want to upload or copy over to your server are the srcds.exe and the folders BIN and PLATFORM. Just put them in the main folder that you ran the hldsupdatetool to update in or to (if you use the -dir switch).

Do not know why the hldsupdatetool does not download srcds.exe and other core files like it, as the tool does for HL1 and CS 1.6.

All the files are provided from the download as they want you to create servers even if you don't own the game. I had the same problem because I was too impatient to wait for the download to finish. Run the tool and the updates and WAIT and you won't have a problem.

Its all to easy to think that you and you alone are experiencing problems for the first time and that you have broken ground by finding the resolution of your own back

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