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PLEASE TEL ME HOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sad how kan i use srcds consol commands in counter strike source consol? in game so i kan add commands for my consol like sv_gravity 200 add bots from consol and those commands i dunno why but it workes on my cs cz server but it doesent work on my srcds server o.O please help
install a mod like beetlesmod or mani
fqdn Wrote:install a mod like beetlesmod or mani

ive got mani with wcs source Sad and alot of cool event scripted stuf .... is beetles mod for source?
I think the only way you can change the gravity is through the server machine...

Even with RCon--correct me if I'm wrong...

But yes, try Mani's Plug in or some other admin plug in!
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either one will work, you just have to add the right commands to the rcon section of the menu.
Set an rcon password.
Login via rcon_password ****
then send commands like rcon changelevel ctf_2fort
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