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Help with high ping issues (lag)
Hi, I made a server on my home pc, (WIN XP athlon 1.3, 512 ddr, 128 nvidia gforce) and I am having extreme lag when I connect to the server it is horrible, right now the server is reporting pings around 150, but when i am in there my ping is fine, as are other players but I cannot move, it is like I move forward, but i don't really move all the way, the game "moves me back a little". I assume this is because of lag, what are some ways to reduce the ammount of lag on the server when I am connected? anyone know any, like disabling some commands or enabling some or a tweak/mod? thanks everyone


Also is there a way to make it so I can see what people in the game are saying while viewing the console on the SRCDS program? thanks again!

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