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Okay, so I type in the following "H:\Programs\srcds\hldsupdatetool -command update -game "hl2mp" -dir H:\Programs\srcds\ -username ***** -password ****** -remember_password"

Then I hit enter and I get as far as:

Checking bootstrapper version ...
Getting version 13 of steam HLDS Update Tool
Downloading . . . . . . . . . .
unable to open HldsUpdateTool.exe for reading (copying)

So now I'm left in the dark, I really want to use this dedicated server and I dislike the GUI version. Please help me, I apologise if this has been answered before (I searched for a good 10 minutes before posting this) and sorry if it's in the wrong section.


Hello, Have you download the hldsupdate before downloading?

Here is the link for the hldsupdate

Thanks, Se7en
Yeah, I downloaded it. It's installed in H:\Programs\srcds\.
are you sure its pointing to the correct dir not c:\mydoc\user\ - that was the prob i had.

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