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Ping Conundrum - Same hardware same location
I believe I hav a unique problem here and I am prob just missing something but I needed another opinion.

I have 2 windows Servers running CS:S
Server 1: windows 2000 server /Geforce 4 video /XP 3000 / 2 80GB HD / 1 GB RAM / srcds been running since novemeber with awesome ping times from 17-27 from my location for months that is ping from a windows environment ping listed in CSS is about the same about 35 processes running

Server 2:Server 2003 Web / standard video unknown / XP3000 /2 80GB HD / 1 GB RAM / copied scrds directory and modified the server name and stuff in the cfg file other than that its basicly identical. windows pings to this server are about 15-17 continuous BUT when you look at this server in CSS its up around 68-91 in game pings reflect the same thing.... 27015 about 27 proccess running

My question what would cause the ACTUAL ping (windows ping to be stable and what I expect (there servers are side by side in the same data center, and in CSS it be so off the wall?

Both console report the FPS in the server are about the same (64) cpu and memory utilization are very close 8% when no one in there and yet the ping...................
Here are some of my server cfg files which againa re identical:
sv_maxrate 2000000
sv_minrate 2000
sv_maxupdaterate 100

Keep in mind server 1 has been running these settings for quite some time with sweet results, keeps the dial up guys out and the good tweaked players in.

Pretty much with the differences listed above these machine are the same, same location and same bandwidth. about 1435 down and 2613 up on the last dslreport test.

Let me know is anyone has any ideas at all this is killing me...



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