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What Linux?
Hey ppl

looking at setting up a TF2 server and wanted to check what was the best linux to run it on... or what is better for a retard who hasn't used it before?
I think the main thing is, have you used linux befor? If so what one did you use?
If you're super new with linux it might be a little more work then you would want.
Thats just from my exp. I went into it pretty new to linux and it's taking alot longer then I thought it would.
If you have used it befor, I am using Ubuntu has a few bugs so far. Had to install new kernel and so on. What are the computer specs as well, should be supported in linux but never 100% sure.
I have not tried tf2 myself on this yet. So I guess wait for one of the other guys on the site to let you know. Smile
For a "first" timer or a virgin to Linux i would personally recommend a version like Fedora or Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu,etc. I have worked with all of these and they are VERY easy to manage-very similar to Windows-if thats where you are coming from...
Keep in mind that as mentioned above, it will take quite a while to set up just because of mainly working in a CLI--which to me is not that fun--i would much rather work in an intuitive GUI!

Hope this helps!

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Yeah, pretty much whats taking me a bit of time. Getting used to the CLI. Getting the Raid setup never worked right at first, so had to reinstall and setup it right.

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