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server FPS like a roller coaster
I noticed with the rocon stats command the FPS going up and down.

something like that. While people don't seem to notice anything happen in the way of performance in game, I'd still like to do anything I can to keep it more steady.

In all cases, the CPU usage was around 50%
I noticed the same
some time ago my srcds was on win 2k3 fps is jumping too from 512 to 100
may be there was some kind of update or something do that thing
anyway in game there are no differens
PS on linux game is more smoother than win 2k3
from Russia with love
The same happens to me on Debian linux.
you can try taskset but i haven't seen any big changes, just like the client when there's a lot of action the fps will go down. i'd only start to worry if it stayed in the 30's for an extended period of time.
Whats the processor?
realchamp Wrote:
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Quad Core Xeon 2.4Ghz... Kentsfield I believe.
So pretty much a Q6600 then right?
This isn't all that uncommon, as the server loads areas your FPS is likely to raise and drop. I'm not sure if it should be that drastic, but on maps like de_cpl_strike, just walking into the upper room, FPS raises to about 450 (on fps_max 500), and lowers to around 3** when out of the room. Mileage will vary.
I tried the taskset command before for kicks, but I couldn't seem to get it to work right.
what kernel you using?
BrutalGoerge Wrote:I tried the taskset command before for kicks, but I couldn't seem to get it to work right.

procs are usuall 0-x depending on how many cores/procs you have. use taskset like this:

taskset -pc core(s) pid

so if the pid, found using either top or ps aux is 12345 and we want it on core #3.

taskset -pc 3 12345


if you did stats at the console (you said as a player), that's your pc's fps, you need to do it either at the servers's console or use "rcon stats" for the servers info. and you need to do it quite a few times then average it out.
Okay, I did it in console from the server now, after installing a real time kernel. I am getting around 140-160fps from the server.
I have 8 cores total in my server, I don't have the servers set to their own core at the moment. I guess I'll look how to do that on here.

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