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rcon quit kills server.. doesnt restart
It seemed when I first setup my tf2 servers, that I could do rcon quit in-game or in hlsw to restart the servers, but now, it just kills srcds completely, and it does not restart.
They restart on crashes, but not on the quit command..
is there a way I can change this?
This occur to me on thouse servers that isnt started in screen.

For some reason some is refusing to be run in screen, and thouse is killed at an rcon quit !

So if your not running the server in a screen, then try it !
You want to run your server in an infinite loop script.
Therefore when you type "exit" (or quit I would guess) the server will shutdown and then the script will automatically re-start it.

I use a BAT script in windows for this, I'm not 100% sure how to make a bash script for it...
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A simple cron task would allow for a server to restart on shutdown. A brief look on how i do it is here:

Just replace CSS specifics for TF2.

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