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Alt-Tab Issue?
I have just recently opened a new srcds and currently configurating some stuff for TF2.
Apparently people has issue with alt-tabbing in my server. They get connection timed out once they alt-tab, and I was wondering if this was an issue with my server configuration.
Also, the server does not seem to appear on the main Internet list on steam. It shows up for some and not for the others. I have discussed this with the server host and they were able to see it on the list.
Lastly, I am unsure of the auto team balance command lines. I am not sure if I am missing any cvar lines, but people are able to join on a stacked team without that "Stop Symbol" on the door while choosing the teams. I just changed the configuration with "mp_teams_unbalance_limit" to 1, and it was at 2 before. Was this the problem that allowed players to join a stacked team?
Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
Source game don't know alt+tab.
It has NOTHING to do with your server.
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Well mp_limitteams is the command to make it so that teams can have a certain amount of players higher than the other team. Set that to 1 and it should be good.
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Thanks for the help.
Going to make some changes and hope everything is better. Smile

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