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Server redirect possible?
Currently I am running all of my TF2 servers on port 27016 as the company I rent my dedicated boxes from had 27015 closed off for some reason. I requested they open this up, as one of our clan members schools blocks this port.

I was curious if it would be possible to do some sort of redirect, where a player would still see our server and be able to connect to it either way when we move it to 27015. We have a large community, and I don't want our server disappearing off their favorites because we change the port. So I am hoping something like this might work.
Just keep a copy of the server running at 27016 with the title saying we moved to a new ip. Or not sure if this is possible, but try setting the number of max slots to 1. Then make that a reserve slot and set mani to say if the server is full, redirect to the other IP. Course that may not work :/.
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