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Win2000 server
Got a problem here with css not starting on a win2000 server
I get error of 'the procedal entry point GetRawInputDeviceInfoW could not be located in the dynamic link libary USER32.dll'
THis was the most recent update. It works ok on XP . and my shorcut is

C:\hl2server\srcds.exe -console -game cstrike +maxplayers 10 + map de_dust
I can only think of two reasons for this (although there may be others!!).

1. Run the hldsupdatetool on your Win2K server again. I've been reading on the steampowered forums that a lot of people have been experiencing problems with hldsupdatetool where by it deletes/corrupts some files after the version 20 update. They are saying that running the tool 2-3 times seems to fix the problem.

2. Failing that, User32.dll is an operating system file. If it's saying it cant find an entry point into that dll (the srcds is basically trying to make a function call to use some standard operating system features but for some reason the function name has "dissapeared"), and it isn't to do with the above, I can only think you've got problems with your Win2k installation. Anyone else got any ideas???
Are you up to date with your service packs on your Win2K server btw?

I think the latest for 2000 is service pack 4. It might be that the srcds requires the latest service pack to run, possibly because the function it is calling in User32.dll has changed or did not exist in earlier releases.
I put the latest patch in (sp4) and ran the update tool again but still no joy . Does anyone else have a simmilar problem with win2k server ?
Ok the good news is I know why this error is occuring. The bad news is I haven't the foggiest how to solve it.

Anyway, down to the details (this is a bit teccy so sorry but..)

Having checked my MSDN documentation i've found the following description for the GetRawInputDeviceInfo() function (note that the function names are appended with 'W' to denote the unicode - basically windows NT version)...

The GetRawInputDeviceInfo function gets information about the raw input device.


UINT GetRawInputDeviceInfo( HANDLE hDevice,
UINT uiCommand,
PUINT pcbSize

[in] Handle to the raw input device. This comes from the lParam of the WM_INPUT message, from RAWINPUTHEADER.hDevice, or from GetRawInputDeviceList. It can also be NULL if an application inserts input data, for example, by using SendInput.
[in] Specifies what data will be returned in pData. It can be one of the following values.
pData points to the previously parsed data.
pData points to a string that contains the device name.
For this uiCommand only, the value in pcbSize is the character count (not the byte count).

pData points to an RID_DEVICE_INFO structure.
[in, out] Pointer to a buffer that contains the information specified by uiCommand. If uiCommand is RIDI_DEVICEINFO, set RID_DEVICE_INFO.cbSize to sizeof(RID_DEVICE_INFO) before calling GetRawInputDeviceInfo.
[in, out] Pointer to a variable that contains the size, in bytes, of the data in pData.
Return Value

If successful, this function returns a non-negative number indicating the number of bytes copied to pData.

If pData is not large enough for the data, the function returns -1. If pData is NULL, the function returns a value of zero. In both of these cases, pcbSize is set to the minimum size required for the pData buffer.

Call GetLastError to identify any other errors.

Function Information

Header Declared in Winuser.h, include Windows.h
Import library User32.lib
Minimum operating systems Windows XP
Unicode Implemented as Unicode and ANSI versions on Windows NT, Windows XP

The problem basically stems from the 2nd to bottom line i.e. Minimum operating systems Windows XP

What this means is that for some reason your installation of srcds thinks it's running on Windows XP, rather than 2000. As I said originally, how or why this might be the case I haven't got the foggiest. My only suggestion is to completely delete all srcds files (including hldsupdatetool) re-download hldsupdatetool and try again from scratch. Unless anyone else has any bright ideas....
Dumped it and switched to linux

Runs sweet now Smile

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