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Scoutzknivez strafing settings?
Hey, i have a 24/7 SK server and so many people are saying the settings are wrong, which i agree. I tried looking all over google trying to find the settings but no luck. So if you can help me out I'd be happy Smile.

I have...
sv_airaccelerate 200 (have tried 100, thousands, they are all the same)
sv_airmove 999 (someone just told me it would help)
sv_gravity 220 (heard t's the best grav for strafing)
Hmm, I'm not sure what the settings are. Try finding a server with the settings you want and put that ip in hlsw and it should tell you the settings.
I'll try and find it later since I also am looking for them.
on mine i set my gravity to 150 and airaccelerate to 440
What you need to so is put these settings
sv_gravity 215
sv_airaccelerate 20,000

and you should be set
been playin sk since 06 . the best and more commonly used settings are

sv_airaccelerate 700 or anythin above 500
sv_gravity 220 <--- prob the most important setting aside from air accelereat..

if u place it at 250 u wont be able to make certain jumps. anything higher ull be floatin in the air too much. any other settings just leave at default.
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