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Not showing on internet!! Only lan!
Im running a srcds on windows xp. Iv got through the point where you need to creat the server.cfg file and i have downloaded a file to be a defualt until i figure out how to make my own changes. it was posted by the site admin to this site and i followed it word for word! Everything worked just this the admin siad it would, up to port fowarding. I have fowarded like ten diff ports on the router (actiontec) and also added all those same ports to the windows firewall! still nothing! I have been able to see it through lan since the first time i loaded up the server with the cfg file completed. I checked the site to see if they recognize it and that wiould be a NO! i have no idea where to go from here. and i have my command line on the Run SRCDS file corect. (-console -game cstrike -tickrate 33 -ip -port 27015 -maxplayers 10 +map de_dust2) all are set to low defualt like sttings until i see what my pc can handle and it seems to even lag on that. Obviously iv spent a lot of time on this so any help would be greatly appritiated...Wink, i will be here constatntly until i get it so any help would be AWSOME!
So I got it to where people can viewit. i was think that the ip of the server is the one that people needed to look for, but its the ip to the router. hense; the port fowrading... they see the 67.XX.XX.XX:27015 and the server ip is the weird.. but now in the server my courser is on the screen for all who join and it is clicking constantly. FREAKIN-A-WEIRD!!! lol anyone else have this issue?

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