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Cal/Lo3 button not working on mani menu.
Hey i was curious on how to get my buttons on the mani menu to work for cal settings and lo3, lo3 works when i type "exec cplcss.cfg" in console, but it wont work from the menu. And the cal settings i have no idea how to do it in console or whatever but that button isn't working either, help appreciated.

I got my cal settings and lo3 from and DLed the, if there is a better lo3 and cal settings can you please let me know. Because i don't like how when i exec lo3 it changes the map then i have to exec it again.
What do you mean by "not works?"
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Spartanfrog Wrote:What do you mean by "not works?"

As in when i press it on the menu it doesn't work, doesn't do anything.
I dont think your allowed to have mani installed in CAL
I am just using the cal settings because i like them fyi.
what is your mani .cfg and where are the .cfg's you want to execute?
sorry i may have meant the rcon.cfg that's part of mani, it lists all the rcon commands that you can access via the menu. also does it work when you do "rcon exec blah.cfg" in the console? you may have to do "rcon_password yourpassword" first.
If you intend to play cal games with that server they dont allow mani admin , also why not just install zblock and use rcon zb_lo3 ? Smile
k... here is my rconlist

// rconlist.txt
// Place all your rcon commands that you want to
// execute on the server in here
// This file can use aliases.
// Aliases are what is shown in the menu system
// a nice way of presenting the commands.
// Aliases must be enclosed in quotes
// E.G. "Low Gravity"
// Do not put another quote inside like :-
// "Low "Gravity""
// The command after the alias is the real command
// executed.
// You do not have to use aliases but it makes the
// menu's easier to use if you do.
// Your old config files pre V1.0.8 will still work
// if you don't change them.
// Add you rcon commands here
// e.g exec server.cfg

"Default Server" exec server.cfg // Server.cfg
"Execute CAL Configs" exec calcss.cfg
"Execute Lo3 Script" exec lo3.cfg
"Low Gravity" sv_gravity 150 // Low grav
"Normal Gravity" sv_gravity 800 // Normal gravity
"Add a bot" bot_add // Add a server bot
"Remove a bot" bot_kill // Removes a server bot
"War mode on" ma_war 1 // exec war.cfg
"War mode off" ma_war 0 // exec autoexec.cfg

"Cal Config" exec lo3.cfg //Runs CAL Configuration

and i have zblock, think you can give me a link to that zb lo3 thing?
"Zblock Lo3 " zb_lo3 // live on 3
"Zblock ko3 " zb_ko3 // knifes
from Russia with love
Filoret Wrote:"Zblock Lo3 " zb_lo3 // live on 3
"Zblock ko3 " zb_ko3 // knifes

Where do i place this at and how would i use it?
zblock goes in addons, then either ma_rcon zb_lo3 or rcon zb_lo3, also if u read a section on the zblock site u can get it to execute the cfg too Smile
cfg looks ok, what happens when you rcon exec lo3.cfg? or rcon exec calcss.cfg?
i use "exec cplcss.cfg" in console, that is the only way for me to do it. And the other thing i want to fix with it is, it restarts the map when its done executing then i execute again and it works.

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