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Rcon Problems
I am running on a Virtual Dedicated Server (from Godaddy, laugh all you want)
and rcon seems to not be working. The OS is Linux CentOS 5 and I believe it is running a 64 bit version.
I have this in the start up file...
echo "Starting Day of Defeat Source Server......"
./srcds_run -console -game dod +map dod_orange_rusmar_towers_v6f -tickrate 67 +maxplayers 26
+rcon_address -autoupdate
I have tried that with and without the port number on the IP
and in server cfg
// Server ip (to avoid RCon problems)

rcon_password "***Hidden***"
However when I enter the password it says "cannot connect to remote server". Mani does run fine on it in case you needed to know that.
To be sure, did you use rcon_address yo.ur.i.p before sending rcon_password?
Also add to the server.cfg if it still doesnt work, try adding: rcon_adress (IP HERE)
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The main issue I had with "Cannot connect to remote server" was that I hadn't specified the IP on the command line. Be sure to set -ip x.x.x.x (LAN or internet), as well as the rcon_address and port for your rcon to work correctly.

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