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Netfinity 3500 Dual pII 350's HELP
Hey guys just got a Netfinity 3500

Dual pII350's wiht 512 ram

and a scsi 80 gig

just dumped freebsd 5.3 release

was wondering can i use this for a CSS server ? and how many users can i have? i havea cabel 4Mbit down 150kbps Up. any sudgestions right now i have a celereon 1.6 runing 256ram for a 8 man Css server but its lags to hell even on lan. Toungue to many services on the box ftpd httpd and mysqld.

so any heads up to what i can use the dual netfinity would be nice to know.

You're cpu is too low, even so it seems, though its dualed, source process AFAIK does not spread across cpus. I would try to max what your sockets can support
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