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Fedora 8 Server issues
Hello, everyone.

A few weeks ago I put Fedora 8 Linux on this old computer to try and make it into a dedicated server. Since then I've had nothing but problems.
It at first simply wouldn't show up on the server list, but I've fixed that by properly forwarding ports in my router, and trying it on the computer I'm on now. When I start up the server on this computer (Vista Ultimate), it works fine, and I even had a few friends join it, but when I go back over to the Linux box, (Fedora 8) the same problem comes back up, that it won't show up for me, or anyone else.
I figured it was something simple like it was before, but upon speculation, I have nowhere to go other than the OS. So I ask of you, does srcds work on Fedora 8? If not, what is the most recent version of Fedora that it will work on? I'm anxious to be able to join my own server.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. Just out of curiosity, how many of you have a server desktop that runs srcds, and only use 1 internet connection?
did you set up iptable properly?
heh, probably would I do that?

Thanks again.

EDIT: I managed to figure out how to flush my to configuring them to whatever I may need is beyond me. Any suggestions?
Thanks, I've got the iptables set up properly now, I think.
Now I have another problem, the server only shows up as LAN (or under favorites if I add it) on my other computer.
Is this problem router related? The router I've been using is kinda old, but when I replaced it with a newer one the same problem persisted.
Also, when I eliminated the router a friend from far away could join it. My router is a Linksys WRT54GS (newer model, very old firmware) and WRT54G (basic model, newer firmware).

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