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Help with Rates
Hello All,

I need some help with my server again.

So far Ive been using:
1.8 GHz Celeron
40GB 7200RPM HDD
Fedora Core 3 for an OS

And everything is going great. However the server is no where near smooth. The movements of weapons and players are jumpy, and the pings sometimes rocket up all the way to 3000ms.

I am now upgrading to
AMD AthlonXP 2400+
40GB 7200RPM HDD
havent decided on OS yet, but it will be linux.

I only have 2048kbit/192kbit ds/us speed, but I only want about 4 players (1 lan 3 remote) on the server anyway, so I figure this would suffice.

I have read that the server-side configurations are very important for smooth gameplay. Could somoeone help me to to work out my rates and other server-side "tweaks" so the server can be made smoother?

Thanx for any help in advance

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