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Bandwidth usage
Hey Guys,

Do these numbers make sense...

For the month of January, my dedicated server apparently did 3028GB of transfer. Before I added my 3 TF2 servers, I would seldomly break the 1000GB mark.

the "typical" daily usage of my box is;

4am - 12pm = 10 clients connected
12pm - 4pm = 60 clients connected
4pm - 4am = ~150 clients connected

Im just suprised that three 32 slot tf2 servers aparently used about 2000GB of traffic in a month.

I should also note, all custom downloads come off of a webserver so the servers dont deal with that.
Sounds about right just from glancing at it. The more people connected at once the more each one of them uses. I don't remember an exact number, but lets say you have 8 clients connected and each is using 6 kb/s. If you have 24 connected each one of them will be using 8 kb/s. Take those numbers with a grain of salt, just trying to explain how it works. So when you have a bunch of people on at once, each one is boosting how much everyone else uses.
Right now, there is 56 people on my machine

28 = tf2
18 = dods
6 = css

Its running over 5Mbps... seems like a lot
I don't really have a chance right now, but do a search on bandwidth, and try and find the chart that shows how much each person uses when X number of people are on. You can do the math that way and figure out if its about right or not.
Thats normal.
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