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proplems loading mods
every time i install a mod on my server it doesn't work. like i'll open up steam launch the dedicated server and the normal first part will come up heres a pic
.bmp   wtf.bmp (Size: 495.03 KB / Downloads: 14)
and when i click start it just goes blank (the menu disapears and brings me back to steam) so what do i do? (btw I've tried just about every mod out there..)
can some one please help i wanna get this working by today (my friends never seen a zombie server and i wanna show him one)
you should probably download srcds rather than use the gui one from steam. at least then if it gives an error you'll see it.
Most of us around here (if not all) use srcds (not steam) and withOUT the GUI.
Once you get used to it, it's MUCH better then the GUI.
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