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VIP problem, CS 1.19 srcds...
I'm asking this for a friend who has a CS:S 1.19 server on Linux, using Mani-Admin. There's one problem that he's been having with certain players. Is it possible to disable the cs_make_vip command? Because apparently, if you use cs_make_vip as a client, you can turn another player into a VIP, thus disabling his/her ability to buy weapons at the start of each round.

I know that he has to update his CS:S server, however at the moment, he just needs a quick fix for it, if one exists. For instance, would it be possible to disable the cs_make_vip command for clients? That would be the best solution, IMO. Thanks in advance guys! Smile
Have you tried banning those steam ID's?

Odd's are, they'll just find another way to grief your players.
zblock might fix that
About the Steam IDs, we can't pinpoint who is using the VIP command. Is there a way of telling? I'd really like to know so we can do something about it.

Also, how does zBlock work? I'm definitely interested.

Thanks for the replies! Smile

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