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Manual Ping to server lower than in-game ping
I have a centos box on a high capacity backbone. Its a dual operton machine with lots of RAM. One simple thing I have noticed is that when I manually ping the server from command prompt, I get a low, consistent 27-29ms, but if I go into a CSS or CS 1.6 server running on the box, I get pings that are on average 10-20ms higher than the pings i get manually to the server. Pings around 35-50ms for example.

My question is, what is the cause of this "extra" ping in-game and is there something that can be set server side the help this go a little closer to the actual ping to the server? Or is this simply rates that are set client side? My home internet is more than sufficient for playing CS.

(It is more noticeable in CS 1.6, but also slightly in CSS servers)

That happens with the game. If you have net_graph on you'll notice that net_graph shows your ping some milliseconds below its value on the scoreboard.
Its my understanding that the scoreboard latency is the one way trip of a packet either from host to server or server to host.

Ping in net_graph is a truer representation of your real ping - and no, it doesn't include tickrate or updaterate lag (or really unlag) compensation calculations!

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