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Server crapped out
I've been running a server on Ubuntu 7.10 for a few months now, and after awhile (the only change I made was to install Zombie Panic! Source), it's just stopped working. If I start any server without a +ip LANIP command, it gives me a Network: RANDOMIP when I start the server.

If I use +ip LANIP, I can see the server if I add it to favorites on Steam, but not on LAN. And if I add it to favorites on LAN on Steam, it's at 2000 Latency with no option to join.

So, any idea what might be wrong? I checked/double checked and all the ports are still forwarded. Any and all help would be MUCH appreciated.
Just a note on something I noticed, my server never connects to Steam Master servers any more whatsoever. Could this have something to do with it? I'm really lost. Sad

EDIT: I just did a little more testing. If, while on ubuntu, I try to changelevel on the server? It tells me "Can't changelevel, server is not running." even though I have started the server and I am in the console. So I figure this is what's causing my problem, but I have no idea why it's not starting the server.
Is Network: RANDOMIP an error message? Can you provide a screen shot?

+ip is used to specify which ethernet adapter to bind to.

sv_lan must be set for LAN server, cleared for internet server.

I don't know if you can add LAN servers to the favorites tab.

A latency of 2 seconds indicates an unreachable server.

I noticed that you only post about networking problems (and don't every say if you fixed it or not). Maybe you have some iffy hardware?

What is the network topology between your server and clients?

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