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TF2 Dedicated Server Steam Validation Error..
Hey guys, i'm just wondering if anyone else has been experiencing problems with their TF2 dedicated servers after the new update on the 25th of Jan.

My server was working fine and everything, up till after the new update.

I now keep getting a Steam Validation Error (ESteamError 25), I've looked in the Steam Support site, and did what they recommended but nothing seems to work.

I have a legitimate copy of the Orange Box, and i can still join other servers online, and this Error is isolated just to my dedicated server, also now others who try to join my server just keep getting Server Not Responding.

Does anyone know what my problem is, or should i just re-install and see what happens??

Any help is most appreciated.

If I'm not giving enough info please tell me, I'm still very new to the forum ><
Running valnila server, or have you applied 32 player delist? If you applied 32 player delist, remebember to repatch your engine.dll/server.dll etc.
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32 player delist? I'm sorry i'm not sure what that is >< Could you please elaborate?
Method to get TF2 to 32 players, instead of default 24 max. As you dont know what I'm talking about, ignore me... I doubt it's whats causing the problem.
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