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Can you see your own server?? (noob alert!)

I've been trying to setup a TF2 server using srcds and Beck's stickied tutorial.

I'm running it on port 27015 and my router is a US Robotics USR 9003 which is pretty picky about how you configure your ports. None the less, I have configured it to open 27015 and forward to my LAN IP ( and every web test I do confirms that 27015 is open (pcflank etc)!

I have sv_lan 0 in my cfg file.

So I've got my server running and if I connect to it (it appears under LAN games), it connects fine and the console says i've connected on port 27006. Is this normal?

If I try and add my public ip on port 27015 to my favourites it says that the server is not responding. i.e
Is this normal? Will others outside of my network be able to connect? Can you see your own server if you enter in the public ip?

Heres what srcds looks like;

[Image: Untitled-1.jpg]
I should note that I have opened 27015 for both TCP and UDP.
ok, got someone to try and connect. he can see the server, i.e. the name of it.. but he can't connect to it.

are there any more ports that should be open other than 27015?

I guess that I had that kind of problem in CS:S,I put it to port 27015,put It went to port 19284 or something..
I didn't know that before I checked was it in the Internet part and there it was,then I pressed Show Server Info
and there was that port 19284, I gave that to my friend and he get in to server.
If it isn't that,I can't help..

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