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I have a little Question )
how create a redirection
for example
i have 2 servers
1 - 24\24
2 - 0\24
someone want to play
hit to connect to 1server and he auto-redirect to 2server
How to do this in mani?
I add adress in reservslot section for redirection but it not works
i have 2 servers 24(visible)+1TV+1(reserv for admin, invasible)=26(total slots), 1 slot for admin is not free for fill
i use mani 1.2s
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I'm also wondering about this, how could I make one as one of my servers is full 24/7 so if I could redirect people to my other server that would work great. Or even if I could setup something that a player could type something and bam be able to join my other server. Smile
It's always nice to be able to redirect people to another server. Not sure if valve screwed us over with their update a few months back.
Any help would be awesome! Big Grin
Redirects are no longer automatic and will ask the user if they wanted to be redirected.
As for how to do it, I have no idea... check the Mani forums?
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I found ES2.0 script
but don't know work or not
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works as it says it works, it isnt automatic, they blocked that function Sad

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