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I've had some laggin issues with our TF2 server. The hardware is dual xeon 3,4 GHz (HT, obviously p4 architecture) with 4 gigabytes of ram (Proliant DL360 G4). Soft side is rhel 4.6 (i386) with stock smp kernel. There are 2 tf2 24 slot tf2 servers used for matches only and usually not used at the same time so generally theres one server idling and other one having 12 to 16 lplayers playing. I've tried running the servers with tickrate 33 and 66 which doesn't seem to have much effect. The server lags sometimes even without sourcetv but with it, it lags generally always and that is the main issue.

SourceTV is only in a master mode so recording is done on other machine acting as relay proxy. I made a small script to watch cpu usage reported by "rcon stats" to see what's going on. The graph is here:

All that time the server does not have any players (the other one is empty too) and sourcetv is active until 15:00. As the graph shows, sourcetv seems to cause pretty huge spikes in cpu usage 4-5 times in 10 minutes. Of course usage reported by srcds is something else than real cpu usage but I think it's accurate enough as a relative measurement. So what's up? server's load average was between 0.10 and 0.20 at the time it made the graph. Theres plenty of free memory on the server and reserved memory size for the srcds seems to be normal (~240m).

Any suggestions to make it less laggy?
The Xeons have been performing horribly for SRCDS...thats probably your problem.
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I don't think that hltv is causing a problem on my TF2 server...
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