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Problem with motd...
Hi all

I want to put a welcome screen for my server and i succeed, but I notice the following problems:

1) if I put an image with the code
<img src="http://....jpg">
there is a blank border that is difficult to mask.
How can I fix it?

2) if I put the same image as a background for my motd screen with the code
<body background="http://....jpg">
that problem disappears, but no more able to scroll the window.
Not a big problem, in the two cases I prefer this one, but I notice that when I use this code and I start the server, are often present textures defective (violet and black). I don't know if this one is related to the problem with the textures; has someone noticed this same problem as me?

Thank You for advices on setting my motd. Smile
<img src="..." align="center">
Works for me. Thank You| Big Grin

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