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Best way of starting SRCDS / how to view the FPS?
Hello everyone!

I have two questions related to SRCDS. I have just switched to Ubuntu Linux and my skills there are limited. I am running the realtime kernel (1000mhz).

The first one is: what is the best, quickest and smartest way to open srcds? By running it from an .rc file? By going in the terminal and pasting in the parameters? Give me advice.

The second one is a stupid one but nevertheless irritating: how do I check what FPS the server is running at? In windows I was able to view it in the top bar of the srcds window. Now that I'm running it from inside a terminal window I have no idea how to make it show.
stats in the server console shows server side fps

as for starting the server
i would create a script for it. search here for start script.

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