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[SOLVED] Error loading a linux DS plugin
I'm trying to bypass the 24 players limit on my TF2 linux dedicated server.
I have a plugin, named, in orangebox/bin/
In orangebox/tf/addons/, I have a playerlimit.vdf file, which contains:

        "file"  "../../bin/"
I've tried changing the path to full path: /home/steam/orangebox/bin/ I tried with "plr", "plr_i486" and "".
In each case, I get this message when I launch the server:
Unable to load plugin "plr"
maxplayers set to 24
maxplayers set to 24

What do I do wrong and what can I do to make this plugin loaded?
Thank you
Well, it was not a problem with srcds itself but a library problem
The command ldd told me that my old linux distrib was missing, so installing it fixed the problem
Oh thanks for a solution Smile
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