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What can my server handle?
Yep another one of these threads. Any comments would be great. Anyway to the point, the server I have is as follows.

- AMD Athlon64 X2 3800+
- 2gb RAM
- Running Gentoo x86_64 Linux

I wish to run 4 srcds instances on this server. 3 CSS (16, 24, 32 players) and 1 TF2 (24 players). Will this server handle it? and any suggestions on increasing performance?

Thanks in Advance,

PS. This server is going to be running at LANs so bandwidth isnt a problem.
It wont run all that.

I dont think you'll get a lot more than 1 TF2 server...
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i agree, i heard it was like 1 server per core... so maybe the 16 man CSS and the tf2 servers, but even then, im not sure... just cross those gaming fingers and hope its lag free! you could always try it and see what works...
We currently have a Athlon 5200 2gb of ram running 2 20 slot TF2 servers, and 2 16 slot TF2 servers. The 2 16 slots are match servers so rarely see any activity at all, and the 2 20 slot public servers run fine on it.
Maybe, just maybe, 50 100 tickrate slots running at maximum cpu. You really dont want maximum cpu though so go less. TF2 also takes a lot more processing power.
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