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getting a server onto the internet
Lately, I've been trying to create a server for empires mod. However, when I try using the srcds software, I can only create LAN servers. How do I change this server to be on the internet? And do I need to set up port fowarding?
#2 will more or less take care of your port forwarding issues.
Just find the router you have, find steam under their list of apps, and follow the instructions.

Unfortunately I'm having the same problem as you with getting the server off a LAN.
is sv_lan 0 ?
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Mooga Wrote:is sv_lan 0 ?

yeah, sv_lan is zero... Ill try the port fowarding, but without port fowarding does the server show up on lan? Because that's what It's doing for me.
Without port forwarding its normal for it to show up in LAN.
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OK, thanks, I get port fowarding set up, then see if it works.

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