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Updating using HL UPDATE
C:\HLServer>hldsupdatetool -update "counter-strike source" c:\srcds login password

My account works in steam but when i try to use the command line it says the account does not exist or password is incorrct.

I know for a fact that the password is right because i can login to steam using it.

Any ideas?

Also i tried to make a new account but it says use valid e-mail when in the instructions it says

Create a Steam Account:
-create <username> <password> <question> <answer>

WHere would the email go?

Thanks for any help

Well you seem to be using an out of date version of the hldsupdatetool for a start.

Run hldsupdatetool without any arguments to get it to check for newer versions.

When it's updated, the correct command line would be:-

hldsupdatetool -command update -game "Counter-Strike Source" -dir C:\srcds -username <username> -password <password> -remember_password

Likewise, to create a new account the correct command line should be

hldsupdatetool -command create -username <username> -email <email addy> -password <password>

Here is my version info seems to be the latest

:\HLServer>HldsUpdateTool.exe -version
ootstrapper version: 12
ersions installed in 'c:\srcds':
Win32 Source HLDS: 19
Base Source Shared Materials: 3
Base Source Shared Models: 3
Base Source Shared Sounds: 3
Counter-Strike Source Shared Content: 19


I finaly got it to try to create a new account and i go this error

AuthenticationServerRSAPublicKey failed signature

The fix is to delete a hidden file named ClientRegistry.blob in your hlupdate folder.

This was giving me all sorts of problems but seems to be working now. .. hopefully


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