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Ehh..Steam Auth Issue?
Kinda stupid...but I used my Steam Account that I use to play as the steam account i created the run the dedicated server, whenever I try to log onto the server, tells me my steam ticket expired, Went to create a new account for the server, but every time I use the ./steam -command create command it just flashes up the --help screen.

Used: ./steam -command create -username ****** -email ********** -password*****

When I did that it told me -email was an invalid argument I tried it without the command it just flashed the --help..

Edit: Already Tried Removing ClientRegistry.Blob
Update, If I add the server to my list as localIP I can connect, which makes me afraid it's not reaching the outside world...Could anyone try to connect and see if it's working or would that count as serverspam? Will Message or Edit the Address in here if i get a goahead from moderator.
just go ahead and post it.
But you can try looking up your server on hlsw or
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