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So I installed Source DS two different ways, the in-depth way, using HLDSupatetool, and using the shortcut in Steam's My Tools. They both worked fine(none of my friends could join?). Then today I go to run my server again, but it comes up with a trojan horse the dedicated.dll file. I honestly don't think that it's a trojan horse, cause it didn't come up with that warning before, and I didn't download any new content. But I didn't want to risk it so I deleted everything, then reinstalled, still getting the trojan horse. What could possibly be the problem?

Another problem I have is people cannot join my server, even though I can find it in the internet tab for CS:S games. I can join it however. How can I make it possible for other people to join my game?

All help is appreciated!


Did you use port forwarding? And Port Forward your router? And Adjusted ur firewall to allow srcds?
Hey Travito I have the exact same problem, about the Trojan. It says dedicated.dll is infected, don't know why but I just disabled my virus program and ran srcds and works fine now, annoying thing is that I have to disable it all the time now.
What's your anti-virus?
It might call it a Trojan because it calls out to a server to let others connect to you.
Virus scanning technology is flawed no matter what way you do it.

SRCDS is safe if you pull the updater/installer from steam's site.

Unless you have been DNS-poisoned and the download wasn't pulled from steam but a third party site.... but that's very slim and prof the being a network security major makes you UBER paranoid.
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I use avast, its a pretty popular program out there so don't think its the program's fault but I probably downloaded the SRCDS off some site but I don't think I would get a virus from doing that since avast blocks all untrusted sites. Though I just started using SRCDS yesterday for my friends to join and had no problems at all.
I use avast as well, and yes, when I first ran srcds the microsoft thingy popped up and said Block/Unblock...I hit unblock, so it should stay like that? I didn't dl anything from a third party site, just the Steam client and the steam site. I'll give everything another go, with high hopes. How can I get my friends to join my server?
If you have a router you need to port forward the port for counter strike then tell your friends your ip and connect? thats how I did it
Easiest way is to DMZ your server
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