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[SourceTV & TF2] rcon and auto-director question
I've enabled SourceTV on my TF2 server and use a proxy on a second server to relay this to the spectators. Everything works, I can join SourceTV on the proxy and watch the game. I have two minor problems that I have been unable to solve:

1) I cannot connect with rcon to the proxy. The connection to the server will time out when trying to connect to it with HLSW. I have been able to reproduce this on my local machine, if I start the proxy there I can issue commands in the srcds prompt, but I can't connect through rcon either. Unfortunatly I do not have root access to the server on which the proxy runs, which makes it hard to diagnose the problem. WhenI start up the proxy on my local machine then I do see tcp port 27015 being open, but there's never a response from the server. Maybe there's a problem in my confguration?

2) In CSS spectators can press a button to see some options, including the option to use the auto director. In my setup, I use tv_transmitall to allow spectators to choose the camera angle they want. I there also a way for them to choose the auto-director camera angle?

relevant config of the TF2 server:
// autoexec.cfg
tv_enable 1
tv_maxclients 1
tv_delay 0
tv_port 27020
tv_relaypassword relay_password
tv_password tv_password
tv_name "Source TV"
tv_transmitall 1
tv_autorecord 1

relevant config of the proxy server:
// autoexec.cfg
password relay_password
tv_maxclients 16
tv_relaypassword relay_password
tv_name "{clan} Source TV"
tv_transmitall 1
tv_port 27022

// command line:
srcds -console -game tf +tv_relay +password relay_password

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