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RCON problem
Hiya, i installed the server and everything went alright. But when i came to acctually type in the rcon it said, Unable to connect to remote something or other.

Do you know why this is and how to fix it?

] rcon_password ********
] rcon say hi
Unable to connect to remote server (
i have the same problem.. anyone?????
Are you using any mods? Mani-Admin is a great mod and that would probably solve your problem. With this you simply log in to rcon with your password and in game screen press your chat key (y) then type @ hi and this will display your message from you as admin.

It also has a load of other cool features, look here for more info and to download
Mani Admin is really good for RCON. If you need to rcon away from your computer use HLSW.
just use mani.. as you can do any rcon cmd by ma_rcon as long as you added yourself as an admin... only reason i even have rcon enabled is for HLSW.
My rcon was working fine for a while...till I wrote a I get the same problem and I end up having to run HL2 in a window instead of fullscreen so I can just alt-tab really quick and that works fine. I'm going to be installing mani's mod pretty soon, so I dont really have to worry about that for too much longer. Although, there are so many sites that I find that host mani's mod and I dont know which one is right, or current. this one has v 0.6e and 0.7n4
but the one you posted has 1.4 and something about dystopia.
If the other one is right, where is the link to download it?
Your link to is not for mani admin mod. It is for the SAP plugin.
i think you would want that would be the official site... and mani updates it pretty regularly..

and just a question.. did you add
"rcon_password PASSWORDHERE" in your server.cfg file?
Aren't SAP and the mani admin plugin the same thing?
And yes, I did add the password to my server.cfg. Or, at least I think I did...
no they are completly different.. you can tell that very quickly just by goin to the sites.. and reading just a little about the plugins. but would be the ONLY place i would download mani from, and check back there regularly cuz he updates it all the time.

and you might want to double check that the password is there.

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