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Shows on gametiger but not on master list?
Hey I'm running a Counter-Strike Source server on one of my computers at home. I have installed everything and everything seems to be working as it should when i run srcds (no errors). I have it on dmz for my router and I've forwarded all ports on my DSL modem as well for the ip address on the host computer. I am not seeing it on the steam masterlist but if i go to gametiger and type in d3nsity for the server name, it will show up and shows that it's running. What's weird is that it shows up with a random port every time i restart the server. I had a buddy try to connect but he didn't see it. Any reason for why i'm getting random ports? and maybe the port issue has something to do with why it's not showing up on the master list.
Whats your router?
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dynex dx-e402

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