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Setting up TF2 Servers
I just rented a dedicated box with CentOS. I am running four TF2 servers off of it, two of which will probably stay empty the majority of the time.

One of the servers is one I am renting to another clan. A friend of mine is helping me set the servers up, and I wanted to setup a master FTP account that would go to the directory with TFS1, TFS2, TFS3, and TFS4 in it. Then have a FTP account that would be just for them to get into their server with (go to the Orangebox Directory). Now we are running vsftpd and the guy whose helping me set the servers up said that having a master FTP account that goes to the root of the 4 servers (not the server root, just the one with the TF2 Directories in it) would be extremely dangerous and if we make FTP accounts we should just make one per server.

While I can understand this, that seems highly inefficient, and I am rather OCD about things and this is one of them. I really want to have an FTP account like TF2ServersAdmin or something that has rights to all four of them so I can manage them easier.

Is he being overprotective or am I just being silly?
one per server, easy and you can't start blaming other people for uploading to the wrong place etc.
blah, fine. I wanted to be right, and satisfy my OCD just once, but I guess not lol =/
CrimsonGT Wrote:blah, fine. I wanted to be right, and satisfy my OCD just once, but I guess not lol =/

No he means 1 per TF server.
You need to do that and be sure to lock users into their directory.
Find customized help when needed at
if you have a ftp app installed already, then you should be able to log onto it with ur linux accounts.
to restrict their access, just use the chown command on the different servers.
They won't be able to access folders that they don't own.
You can make their home dirs be the server folders.

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