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SRCDS laggy
Hey everyone, I've set up a GunGame server on a Linode 360 (, 360MB of Ram with a 512mb Swap.

So, whenever I play on my server its laggy as hell. Its not the connection, its in a high rate datacenter with a superb and reliable connection. Basically heres what happens... I keep getting snapped back a second or two every few seconds, its almost like im running on dial-up.

Any suggestions as to what is causing this problem?

The problem is that you are using a Virtual Dedicated.

In the link you posted, those machines may have allocated RAM and disk space, but the CPU is shared between everyone else on that machine on an 'as-needed' basis. Since most of the customers using VPS' will be for websites, they'll be quite a few other people on the machine using resources as well.

I once tested on a VPS, 3.0ghz xeon with 2GB RAM (no other processes/people on it) - couldn't even handle a 10 slot 100tick CSS match server. Only fix would be to get rid of the VPS and get a proper dedi.

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