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TF2 server is not showing up in browser
I have a TF2 server running using srcds I am unable to see the server from outside even if I connect using the ip and port (27015) I have 27015 and 27005 forwarded to my server via my Cisco 871. I can telnet to the address . The server shows up fine in LAN but no internet. I have sv_LAN 0 set but still it only shows up in LAN. ideas?
Try typing heartbeat to speed up the initial internet syncronisation
Also, make sure your Cisco 871 is not rewriting the source port as this stops your server from appearing in the list (Not sure if it does port rewriting, but a few of them do)
I tired heartbeat last night but noticed no difference.

fyi I cannot connect even using my public ip address. So it seems that it is not even running as an internet server.

in the console during startup it says Network: IP which is it's local address. Is there a way to force it to look at the wan port?
Is there a network card on your server that has an internet IP? If so, force it to use it by adding +ip <Address> on the command line. If leads to an internet gateway, that is also ok, leave it as that.

And if you type connect in a console on your game outside the network, you can't connect, despite verifying telnet works? Anything logged in the server console or firewall?

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