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mapcycle and maplist. Why two files?

I've got srcds downloaded and updated for TF2. I have a server.cfg file I found on these forums ready to go. But I still need some info on the following and would appreciate anyone's help:

# Regarding the mapcycle.txt and maplist.txt files why are there two different files for this, what do they each do?

Also regarding setting up a custom maps where should the bsp files reside? C:\HLServer\orangebox\tf\maps ? Do I just need to drop the bsp in that directory, no other files?

Finally, what is the \cfg folder for? Do I need to be concerned about putting anything in there or are all the files i need to mess with config wise located in the root C:\HLServer\orangebox\tf\ directory?


mapcycle = the mapcycle the server will constantly run over and over ie the map rotation.
maplist = you can rcon/adminmod/whatever and call any of the maps in the maplist (even if not in rotation), if it's not in here you can't change to it.
custom maps = go into the maps folder.
cfg folder = server.cfg and mod configs usually go in here.
addons folder = if you use an adminmod of some kind you'll have to create this folder and put that stuff in here.

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