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Cpu and bandwidth usage of TF2
I'm thinking of making a TF2 server, but I'm wondering about the CPU and bandwidth usage. I have been looking around the forum and other forums, but getting a reliable information about the CPU usage of a TF2 dedicated server is quite hard.

I currently have an Opteron 165, dual core 1.8 GHz with 2x1 MB L2 cache currently overclocked to 2.5 GHz, to run it under linux. So, the question is, how many 100 tickrate slots could the CPU run on one server? I know the server can only use one core, so other will be left unused.

The CPU is making quite a lot of heat at the current overclock, so I might lower it back to the normal 1.8 GHz. How many slots could the CPU run at that clock on one server? If the CPU usage is linear this could be easily calculated from the previous question, but it likely isn't.

How much bandwidth would a 32 player server use in a month at the worst case scenario (continuous full utilization and fast spawn)? How about 24 player server?
Here's my findings from last two moths of running two 32 slot servers on one dedicated box.
2Gb RAM, Opteron 1216 2.4 Ghz Dual core, Win 2003 , 10 MBit up/down .

I dont included fast respawn in these calculations as they make small defference in overall load when I look at the server.
Related config vars:
sv_minrate 13000
sv_maxrate 25000
sv_minupdaterate 10
sv_maxupdaterate 33
sv_mincmdrate 10
sv_maxcmdrate 33

My hourly bandwidth usage for 2 full 32 slot servers:
5.7 - 6.9 Mbps (rate) - 2.1 - 2.4 Gb / hour upload (to the clients)
1.2 - 1.5 Mbps (rate) - 0.5 - 0.6 Gb / hour download (to server)

Do roughly you're looking at:
38.4 MB / hour / slot upload + 9.34 MB / hour / slot download = 48.74 MB.
24 slots * 48.74 MB / hour = 1169.76 MB / hour
1169.76 * 24 hours = 28074.24 MB / day
28074.24 * 31 days = 870301.44 MB / month or ~ 849 GB.

I find that you will not even come close to that worst case. Monthly bandwidth will hover around 60-80% of theoretical max, unless you're doing a full packed server 24hrs a day.

As far as CPU goes, my setup doesnt peak the CPU usage above 65% and thats with the server handling Mysql and a website for the TF2 stuff.

If you want more accurate findings you will have to experiment yourself or get a hold of actual data for your hardware . Good luck .
I saw you were asking about 100 tick servers. TF2 caps out at 66 Tick.
Dont overclock your server. Thats bad, really bad for servers. 1.8ghz probably could get 60-70 slots. Not saying you are wrong but you could explain to me a little better how you figured out your calculations? What do you mean by hour upload and hour download? WHht I use is the average amounts for SRCDS slot usage, course TF2 could be higher.
33 tick 5kB/s also 40kbps
66 12kB/s also 96kbps
100 18kB/s also 144kbps (not TF2 cannot reach 100 tickrate)
Just times those numbers by X 60 (get it into minutes) X 60 (hours) X 24 (days) X 30 (month)
Do that out and a 66 Tickrate (normal SRCDS slot) would use 31,104,000 kB/m or 31.1 GB/m and remeber the bandwidth exponintially increases the more slots that you have in use.
Dont forget that this is if all were used 24/7 so really wildem's number is the same as mine Smile
@Wildem, you run this off your home connection with 10/10? Or is that your port speed.
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Thats the port speed my datacenter provider gives me.
Thanks for the answers.

Wildem: Are you sure you aren't including the traffic generated by the website and other possible things? The numbers I have seen elsewhere have varied a lot, so the reliability is quite random on those, but I don't recall seeing anything that high.

Isn't sv_maxrate the maximum bps allowed for a single user? In that case 2*25000/8*32*60*60*24*30 is a bit below 500 GB a month as theoretical maximum for 32 player server. That is assuming maximum rate for both up and down for each player 24/7. So, assuming the clients receive a lot more than they do send and that full receiving isn't used at full time, about half of that would be somewhat realistic use?

Are your 32 slot servers running at 33 or 66 tickrate?

Spartanfrog: Overclocking isn't bad at all, as long as you know what you are doing. Overclocking to a safe level can always be done without any problems. One just needs to verify that the overclocking is within safe levels by running various torture tests to see there are no errors coming from anywhere.

As for the CPU usage, it is generally said to be much higher on TF2 than on other SRCDS games, so I need actual information about TF2 as estimates based on how much more CPU doe s TF2 use are too inaccurate.

If the 65% peak CPU usage from Wildem's experience on a 2.4 GHz Opteron with 2 MB L2 cache is with 66 tickrate, then it would be about safe to assume that 1.8 GHz Opteron with 2 MB L2 cache would use about 85-90% CPU at peaks on a 32 player 66 tickrate server. I'm assuming the difference between DDR2 and DDR1 to be negligible as the memory management is very good on Opterons and the DDR2 change was mainly a step for the next generation AMD CPUs. Also if there is other stuff being run there as well that would lower the usage of pure TF2 server.

I have heard from somewhere that lag starts to occur when the peaks start to go to around 80%. I'm assuming this peaks of averages of a second or longer time as if the server is running at 66 tickrate and likely at even higher FPS, the real peaks to look into would be very short and when those would reach 100% lagging would occur. I would like to get some more information about this as the calculated load would be very close to this amount.

If the tickrate of Wildem's servers are 33, then the CPU usage would be about twice that on 66 tickrate assuming it is correct that the usage about doubles from 33 to 66. On that case, would 24 slots at 66 tickrate work fine on 1.8 GHz or would that require 2.5 GHz?
For a 32 slot TF2 server, full 24/7, you will be looking at 900GB roughly - allmost 1TB.
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Phantasm Wrote:Isn't sv_maxrate the maximum bps allowed for a single user? In that case 2*25000/8*32*60*60*24*30 is a bit below 500 GB a month as theoretical maximum for 32 player server.
sv_maxrate is measured in bytes.
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blik Wrote:No.
sv_maxrate is measured in bytes.

Ok, then the about terabyte seems realistic thanks.
Eh 66 tickrate uses about 2.5X the resources as 33 tickrate. And yeah over 80% on a cpu starts to create lag. Personally I think a 32 on your Opteron, Phantasm, would be pushing the limit. You could try and run it and see what happens and if its laggy, just change it to 24 slots.
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