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Error verifying STEAM UserID Ticket
I have a dedicated Linux server running CentOS 4.5

I am fairly decent with installing servers but this one has me stumped...Every time I try and join my server I get the following error: "Error verifying STEAM UserID Ticket"...However it is NOT a client side problem. I am able to connect to any other server except mine...I have deleted the blob file on my end and on my servers. There is no mods on the server, its basically a vanilla fresh install. Only other thing running is Apache and Cpanel. I was thinking they might be conflicting? I am lost...Please help...
Hi sir !

I had similar problems before x-mas with one euro-based server and one US-west-coast server.
It didnt help deleting the blob file, as in your case.
I who started the "servers" with ssh couldnt connect before another clan-member connected from another ip.

I know that its a long shoot, but this was the case then I had to restart theese 2 game-servers quite many times before we got a new plugin running ....
You are right, if someone else connects first, I can connect, how come I cannot connect on my own....

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