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multi cpu
here's my problem I have a 8 core system and running only 4 servers 3 barely use any cpu one is a 32 slot coop server running with npcs and a bunch of other crap its usually full, but it maxes out a core @ 100% while my overall usage is still only like 12% it would be nice to be able to use it all..
Is there anyway at all to get srcds to run on multiple cores?

2x core 2 quadcores

[Image: cpu.jpg]
Nope, srcds is not multithreaded application, so can only use one core at a time.
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You can make each "game-server" running on one core !

use the Taskset command as below

taskset -c 0 ./srcds_run .............

0 is core 1
1 is core 2
3 ......

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