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Baned.cfg Setting and ban command
Anybody knows how to use the banedcfg file?

and also the use of command banid in console.

Thank you
banned.cfg is the cache file to save bans issued by the console.
banid <minutes> <Steam ID>

You can also ban by IP, to do so you use:
addip <minutes> <IP>

Thats the global usage, do not include the tags. 0 minutes is permanent. writeip/writeid ensures its stored in the cache file.
There was a thread on this earlier before the forum got blasted!

There are two cached ban files, banned_user.cfg and banned_ip.cfg. Best advice is to have these files executed using a further config file autoexec.cfg as this ensures that the bans get loaded every time the server restarts.

You can manually enter bans into the files also, so if you have a report of a user no longer in the game you can check the log files. I've done this recently for banned_user.cfg, an entry lookgs like this
banid 0 STEAM_0:0:0000000

Add the following line to your server.cfg.

exec banned_user.cfg

This will execute the banned user list whenever a new map is loaded. If you don't do this banned players will be able to get back onto your server the next time a map loads.
Oops I had it on the wrong end with the filenames, thanks for clarifying.

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