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sv_downloadurl host?
Hey Guys,

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for good companies to host my server maps on? I had more then enough bandwidth before, but now with my TF2 servers, Im chewing through 15+GB a day.

So, Im looking for;

-Central USA ideally
-500+ GB/xfer (unlimited preferably)

Im not looking for a 'free' solution as I realize anything worth having on the internet cost money. I would however like to keep the cost down as I wont even be hosting a website on this, it's just file hosting.


I use this one :

* 500 GB Disk Storage
* 5 TB Monthly Bandwidth
* Plus many more features!
* Sign up now for $5.95/mo*

I signed up couple months ago for a whole year. So far they haven't given me any trouble for mirroring maps and sounds. If you find a better one, please post here. Good Luck.

I have one account with them sitting idle. I can make you an ftp account on it and you can use it.
Test link for map donwnload speed:

Contact me if you're interested, I'll give you a much better deal than than the good deal they already offer.

I use godaddy, been happy with them so far. Be sure to opt for the linux plan or else you'll have to submit a ticket to allow .bz2 to be downloaded. $6.99 mo, no setup fees, no contract, and it works for me.

• 100 GB Space
• 1,000 GB Transfer
• 1,000 Email Accounts
• Unlimited Web sites
• FREE! Software
• 25 MySQL Databases
• Unlimited Email Forwards
• Forums, Blogging, Photo Galleries
• Go Daddy Hosting Connection
• $25 Google® AdWords® Credit1
• $50 Microsoft® adCenter Credit†
• FREE! Google Webmaster Tools
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Need a free web based game server hosting panel? Check out UGCC.
I use ipowerweb for my personal website and they offer:
Storage Space: 600 GB
Transfer: 6000 GB

It's 7.95 a month if you buy a full year.
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