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Memory could not be read ERROR
Hi guys,

I've had a couple of these crashes in last week for two servers I am running.
I am running a srcds TF2 game with +maxplayers 32 while using the bypass dll and the plr.dll . Everything runs smoothly Smile , but it crashes with that error box pop-up after a few days.

Does anyone know if there is a part or full solution to this?

I am investigating using Firedaemon to keep the server running as a service and restart when it crashes. Would that at least auto-restart the servers ?

I have run Passmark CPU, HDD and RAM diagnostic three times and no errors have been detected . I also looked at some attempt to adjust the registry and keep srcds from using page file virtual memory, but haven't tried it yet.

Another thing, after last srcds update around December 22nd, Dustbowl has - spawnpoint at (x,y,z) is not clear - errors popping up. Is this happening to anyone else ?

Can someone please point into the right direction.

I use a bat fire to re-start the server (with little luck because of the pop-ups).
However it could be because you are using the 32 server hack? I use the standard server and haven't had any crashes in a while.
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Well its good to restart the entire computer at least once a day to clear the memory and such and it takes like only 1.5 minutes. If the server crashes ever 2-3 days, this would solve it. It is sorta sweep it under the rug and forget about it solution lol so you should try to figure out what is wrong but still restart the entire computer once a day.
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Yes, I could restart every night or so, but that goes without saying that many people have this happening as well. Atm, I restart once weekly because the machine is dedicated and well equipped for the load, but If i cant find a fix then daily restarts are an option,

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