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sv_downloadurl + hosting problem.
I am trying to set up a host to use for sv_downloadurl.. I have went with an economy package at I have tried to use the ftp client they provide via web browser, their file manager, smartftp, and coreftp to upload both normal .bsp and .bsp.bz2 files (not at the same time) and it shows as if they have uploaded (I can see them on the ftp client and through file manager on godaddy as well as on the directory listing when I go to it's URL in the browser) however I can not get them to download from the site. If I go click on them, I get error 404 not found. They will not download when someone connects to my TF2 server.

I have the directories set up correctly. Problem is I can not even download from my website manually via the browser. I have, however, uploaded a .doc to see if I could download that and it was successful. So it seems maybe the problem is with the file types of .bsp or .bz2? Does anyone else have any experience with using godaddy for map hosting?

When I ftp the maps to the server, I always end up getting error 550: the system can not find the file specified. This error happens with the .doc as well, but when I go to the url for the .doc, it brings up the download dialog box and allows me to open or download it.

Any input is valued, thank you.
Did you opt for the windows or linux environment? If you went with windows you'll have to submit a support ticket to have bz2 (and any other file extensions) added to the mime types. I use godaddy for fastdownloads and just instead switched it over to linux and hadn't had a problem since.

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I went with windows.. ok I submitted the ticket hopefully it works, their support has been awful so far.
Really? I love godaddy support.
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